Monday, May 24, 2010

Camping Fishing and Hunting for Good Deals

This past weekend Sergio took the boys on a Father Son campout. They had a great time eating and fishing and staying up really late. The boys were so happy that Sergio got them matching headband lights.

Hmm....they don't look too excited here.

Sergio is showing me his new lantern (to add to his ever growing collection)
So after they got back on Saturday morning I told Sergio that the whole day was planned for just him and I :)
He was happy when I told him our first stop was to have lunch here:

Then we decided to go see a new movie featuring one of our favorite actors Russell Crowe:

Well we weren't disappointed. Sergio and I are some serious movie buffs and we are also serious thrifty shoppers. So while the movie was still playing I whispered to Sergio "Hey after here let's go to Goodwill. But let's go to the one in Carrollton".
So right after the movie that's where we headed. And what a glorious trip that was!!! Unlike our own Goodwill they have so much more of a selection there and at lower prices. So after scoring some little items that I just know I will put to good use like these:

(can't wait to get my spray paint and fabric and transform this for Josh's room)

Love the metal texture and flowers and they only cost me a buck each!!!
But the piece de resistance was this baby right here!

We were about to leave when we wandered over to the furniture section and Sergio says "hey look at THIS" I instantly fell in love! I had to have it! How much is it? What?! $20!!! Will it fit in the car? Sergio said "Heck, I'll make it fit". So we wheeled it up to the register and bought it. I.
And to top it all off upon looking it up online we found out this baby is currently going on ebay for around $540!!! Yikes! What a good deal. I am NOT selling this anytime soon. It has streamers for goodness sakes <3

It also has a built in horn in that tank right there and a headlamp!
I've ridden it twice and have already had people staring at it! I am so happy to have gone to that Goodwill! I'll have to go back. I have so many projects going I wish I could clone myself. Sergio said he will help me with some of them. One of them is doing Josh's bedroom. He currently rooms with Aaron but he really, really, really needs his own room. So stay tuned to see how that turns out.
Isn't it great finding little treasures? What treasures have you found?

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  1. What a great bike!! Congratulations on such a great find!

  2. got a Great DEAL On the bike. I lucked out and got one FREE (can you believe it!) from an elderly lady down the street. She was cleaning out her shed and I spotted it. HALLLLLLELUJAAAAA! She was about to put it on the curb for heavy trash. It's my best find EVAH!!!!


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