Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm in Portland

For all its natural beauty Portland also has a lot of sadness. While taking a walk on my first day here I noticed a lot of kids begging out on the square. They don't look much older than high school age.
It's sad. I asked around about them and the locals told me they are mostly kids that have been "thrown out" by their parents. Just like that. Discarded.
One very pretty girl plays the violin while her dog sits by her and listens. Another boy squats on the opposite corner with his dog and puts a sign up that says "hate change, then toss it in here". I don't know what the local laws are regarding panhandling but it really takes away from the beauty of the downtown area.
Now, don't get me wrong. I haven't exactly led a sheltered life, but the homeless beggars I am accustomed to are in their 40's to 60's and usually look like they have mental problems and are war veterans.
While walking by a large group of teens today I noticed they were playing the bongos, dancing around, passing around some smokes. They reminded me of the hippie era. Maybe it's coming back. Now,I am not old enough to remember the hippie era (I was born in the 70's) but I have read about it and heard about it from people who lived it. Who knows, maybe it's IN to be out on the street. Maybe these kids just need someone to love them unconditionally. And if they have a substance abuse problem, well maybe they need someone who gives a hoot.
Aside from that this trip has been pretty good. I took some shots from my hotel. It's pretty here and I just wish I had the guts to go up to these kids and hug them and let them know God loves them.

So now onto the positive side of my trip!!
The hotel is really VERY nice. It's a good break for me since I am usually working and taking care of my kids' needs every day, you know being a regular mom. So it's kinda hard finding things to do ALL BY MYSELF, but I'm getting used to it HA
Here in Oregon they don't have a sales tax so it's nice to go shopping here. I found a ROSS that's actually well organized and NEAT!!! GET OOUTTT!!
So I went there and to the Macy's next door which is a total of 5 levels.
There's a mall across the street so I get to go there and walk and exercise. I am eating WAY too much and not having a scale or the number of calories in each of my meals is really throwing me for a loop and I know I have gained back the 5 pounds I lost already! Next week marks my month of VEGANISM. I think I will keep going. I don't miss meat at all.
Anywho, here's some pics of the hotel:

This really comfy bed with a down duvet. Pure HEAVEN!

I loved the color scheme of the bath and the marble shower stall SWOON!

Isn't this a pretty sitting area? I feel like a movie star in this room.

I sit on this chair with my laptop on most nights.
I want to take this chair home with me!!
(pics taken with my phone)

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  1. I love Portland! I actually grew up in a suburb about 40 minutes outside. That is sad about all the young people on the street. It didn't used to be like that. Do you have a rental car? Multnomah Falls is not far from downtown and it is beautiful! It's a great hike too, but you can enjoy it from the bottom as well. I love the color scheme of your room--very pretty!


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