Saturday, May 1, 2010

Shopping for a Prom Dress

Last weekend Ellison, Sergio and I ventured into Dallas to shop for the perfect prom dress. I remembered back in my younger days shopping at the Harry Hines Bazaar for any special occasion dress. They have such a variety and at really good prices.
Well being that Ellison just has such a cute and tiny figure she'll look good in any dress.
We walked into the first shop and voila! There it was---the perfect dress. She tried it on and looked stunning. We bought it on the spot. It is a very pretty plum dress. You'll have to wait till prom night to see it.
While wandering around looking for shoes I snapped some pics of other pretty dresses for little girls. Wouldn't these look gorgeous as flower girl dresses:
This blue dress is beautiful and the sleeves come up to cover little shoulders a plus :)

                               These two would also look darling with a little matching bolero   jacket or stole
We looked around for some shoes and they had some really cool silver ones with lots of bling on them but they didn't have them in her size. She has such a tiny foot unlike her mama's huge size 8 ((YIKES)).
And of course no visit is complete unless you enjoy one of the delicious tortas in the Mexican restaurants inside and a quick stop at the Mexican candy stand.

A great way to spend Saturday morning.
Harry Hines Bazaar is on Harry Hines Blvd right of 35 near Walnut Hill Lane.
You MUST get there early in order to get a parking spot because it gets VERY busy and VERY crowded. I think they open at 10 a.m. and I highly recommend getting there as soon as they open. They have toy shops, furniture, stereo and electronics, you name it! Be prepared to be surrounded by Mexican people because that is their customer base.
A great way to explore Dallas shopping district! Can't wait to snap some pics of the cute couple on prom night.
How 'bout you? Do you have some cool and out of the ordinary shopping spots in Dallas? I want to hear from you.

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  1. The dress is beautiful and so modest... Cant' wait to see the model in it!


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