Thursday, June 3, 2010

You know it's Summertime when....

*You look forward to waking up early on a Saturday to hit the pool and beat the  crowds....

*Your idea of a fun summer evening is sitting and enjoying a good icey snow cone!(and Mexican Corn)

The kids trying to make up their minds...

mmmmm Corn and Sour Apple Snowie!!

Of course Sergio had to have some nachos..

Sour Apple was the favorite of all

*Shopping takes on a whole new meaning when accompanied by your favorite teen who loves to find bargains just as much as you do

oohhh pretty glass bottles and old jars

This cool tin bucket and greenery was only $5.50

and of course I couldn't pass this up!!

Some cool apothecary bottles...hmmm I have to find a place for them

'twas a beautiful day shopping in Downtown McKinney at the Antique Company Mall
My FAVORITEST place to shop.

*Summertime is best enjoyed while eating a good greasy pizza with said teenager!

I love this pizza place's soda fountain where I mix cherry and chocolate flavors into my coke

Let's get this Summer started!!!!!!!

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  1. Fun!! I want to go shopping with you--I will of course want to leave my kids at home. :)


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