Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thankful Thursdays {When I Grow Up}

What did you want to be when you "grew up?"
Are you doing what you thought
you'd be doing?
Are you happy with how your life
has turned out?
Recently, I read a very insightful post by a young woman, 25, who posed these questions, kinda in the same way.
I guess it is hard "finding" yourself at that age.
I know. I have a daughter nearly 20, who is just now
going through that.
It's hard.
Trying to find what you like to do and get paid for it.
When I was little I wanted to be an actress when I grew up.
I even took Drama class in middle school and LOVED IT!
I loved my teacher, Mr. Lopez and all the fun we had.
I played the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland as well as her sister Sarah.
It was great pretending to be someone else.
I was always drawn to the crazy, unconventional characters.
Hmmm. Go figure.
But my dream got shattered when my grandma told me
"good girls" can't become successful actors.They aren't respected and most young girls are often taken advantage of. After watching and reading sooo many stories (and even experiencing one myself) I now, know what she was talking about. :(

My dreams were to move to New York City once I turned 18 and act on Broadway.
I was a pretty good actor. I also played and angel in our
Christmas play and later on went on to appear as an extra in a national beer commercial. The casting director even wanted me for the show "Walker, Texas Ranger".
{I'm tooting my own horn ;) toot, toot}

But alas, that wasn't to be.
I married my high school sweetheart at the age of 17.
I had JUST turned 17.
When he asked me I didn't even bat an eye.
I just knew I had to be with this handsome guy forever.

Later on I decided I wanted to go to med school and become a neurosurgeon (now THAT'S a leap, actor to doctor!)
I majored in Psychology/Pre-Med and even went as far as taking the MCAT and having my preliminary interview with the pre-med team at my university.
Everyone was so excited.
Except for me.
The day of the MCAT as I sat outside eating my bagged lunch in my car I realized I did not want to be a doctor and couldn't care less what I scored in the stupid MCAT.
I was sick of studying, sick of grades and sick of school.
I didn't apply.

Source (not my real house)

Instead we moved out of Dallas to the 'burbs and bought a house.
There was no going back now with a mortgage.
I had just had another baby and all I cared about was being a mom.

Then I got a job as an accountant working for the city.
Now, mind you  I had NEVER taken an accounting class, but had worked my way through college as a temp here and there doing all sorts of accounting work.
And I figured out that I was good at it.
And I LIKED it.
Really, really, (nerdfully so) liked it.
So here I am 12 years later still doing accounting.
Except now I am the CFO (or the equivalent anyway)
working for the government.

Patty Martinez

Very interesting.
It's what I was meant to do.
No, I don't live in the big city anymore.
I am not starring on Broadway and greeting adoring fans backstage whilst signing autographs.
Instead, I am greeted at home by two gorgeous young lads who give me hugs and kisses.
And a man I met over 26 years ago who is my biggest fan.
No, this isn't what I pictured when I saw my future.
It is better.


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  1. Hey, was that young woman me? :) I am so honoured that you'd write about it on your blog :)

    I loved reading your story, and I am so happy that you've found something that you love doing and that makes you so happy! That is so so important! :)

  2. What a great story. I am following you from sits. I also liked you on FB. Check me out.

    I wanted to be an actress also, my mom told me I was too fat to be one. So that quickly ended that dream. I had many others, but was never really supported by my parents. They just always assumed I'd fail before I even started. But I am a stay at home mother of 2 now and I love my life. I seriously do! There will be time for career later in life, but for right now I'm enjoying every moment with my kids.
    Loved the post


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