Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Super Saturdays {Old Treasures}

I love a good deal.
No. Strike that.
I love a great deal.
I am lucky that my town has so many
funky little shops that I can
find these great deals of which I speak of.
I think I've mentioned before how much I love
the Antique Company Mall in
downtown McKinney.
It is a charming mall filled to the brim
with treasures!
This Saturday, I took the little guy and
my mom shopping there while my
two big guys were off shooting somewhere
in East Texas (they had a blast, by the way, get it? BLAST!)
While we looked around I took my mom
to my favorite booths.
These are the booths that I have found to have the best
deals with the nicest merchandise.
One booth is kept up by this lady who just has
this eye for vintage clothing!
Yes, vintage clothing! There are some gorgeous
wedding gowns for $36!!(that I almost bought to resell on ebay)
Annnnnd of course I found a really cute bolero shirt and skirt!
These were a steal at only $10 and $16 respectively.

I know these aren't vintage, but they are CUTE
Then we went over to another booth that I love.
This guy sells wrought iron stuff.
I have a project in mind so I bought

they were only $2.50 each! I can't find stuff like this at my hardware store! Not for this cheap!

My little guy has a fascination with towers and buildings so
for his birthday he asked for this

Wrought Iron Eiffel Tower

It was only $3!

And while I was there, and this may be TMI, I went to the ladies' room and fell in love with a display they had in there!
GET OUT! They have displays in the BATHROOM Y'all!
Anyway, it was a large shutter that was leaning against the wall decorated really cute. But it said NFS :(
So I was bummed... but lo and behold as we were ready to check out I saw this!

Big White Shutter

And had to snap it up at only $12!! Wait 'til you see what
I'm gonna do to it!

After all that excitement, I took my crew over to get some ice cream.

Later that same evening...
The hubster and I went here

where I found these

Glass bottle and basket

I fell in love with the glass dome cloche (seen above with the eiffel tower) and the little basket. Perfect for romantic picnics, SSHHH don't tell him I have something cool planned for our anniversary.

On our way out I saw the glass bottle for a buck and I had to have it for my beachy mantle!

Don't you just love finding treasures?
There is another Goodwill that we prefer but it's pretty far away in Carrollton - but that's where I found this

last year for $20! I kid you not!
I was exhausted after a day of excitement (I know I don't ask for much do I?) and we spent the rest of the evening just chillin' and decorating for my little guy's 9th birthday party!
Can't wait to show you that process.
Until next Super Saturday.
Have a great week :)

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  1. I want to go shopping with you! It sounds like a lot more fun than I usually experience!

    Visiting from SITS :)


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