Monday, August 29, 2011

Super Saturday {Back to School Mayhem}

Not the most wonderful time of the year for me.
Back to school means chaos and stress.
Money and more money to spend.
On supplies, clothing, band supplies
and more school supplies.
Pretty soon picture days, fund raisers,field trips
and now after school care.

The hubster got a full time job which
we're happy and thankful for.
But now he does not have the flexibility
he used to have as a self employed person.
Which means the little guy has
to spend even more time at school :(
The first day did not go well.
The little guy had a headache and let EVERYONE
know that he had one.(yikes)
I told him that the situation  had changed and
that we all had to make adjustments.
He understands now.
The hubster will pick him up on his day off during
the week and my oldest will too.
Which means we'll be paying for the full week and he'll get to go to after school care maybe 3-4 days a week.
But it's ok, since it means this Momma gets peace of mind when there is a thunderstorm (I think I remember what those are?), or it finally gets cold outside.

But I digress.
Saturday was spent running around getting eye exams, meeting craigslist people to buy expensive
TI-84 Silver plus edition calculators (oh boy!!) buying more supplies, groceries, planning our meals for the next week, doing laundry, folding and putting away said laundry, cleaning the house and finally
going out to dinner with my wonderful husband who worked till 4 p.m.
Oh, and I am on a new miracle drug for migraines.
My doc thinks this will help not only for the migraines but for the residual effects of my stroke.
I started out last Saturday and let me tell you I almost quit it made me so drowsy!! I felt like I was on 3-4 Benadryl!!

And remember, I'm an accountant for goodness sakes, I rely on my brain A LOT!
So I decided mid-week to adjust the time of my dosage and start taking it at 2 p.m. every day that way the loopiness won't kick in until I get home. And guess what?
It works!
The drowsiness has subsided and the next side effect has kicked in: loss of appetite. This one I'm not going to complain too much about (hee hee)
I'm supposed to go up another 25 m.g. this Saturday and we'll see how that goes. So far no migraines. I am praying this is the med that works for me.
I am telling you those migraines were soooo debilitating I couldn't get out of bed.

Remember a while back that newswoman was on TV and people thought she was having a stroke because her speech was slurred? Well it turned out she suffers from hemiplegic migraines, a form of debilitating migraines that makes half of your body get paralyzed and it's really scary. Well, that's what I have too.
This coming weekend I have nothing but fun planned.
I want to go back to the science museum and use up my free Imax tickets and go to the planetarium with the kids.
They're predicting a cold front!
Hurray! Maybe we'll get down to the 90s!!!
Have a great week :)

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