Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Super Saturday #2 {We Are Movie Buffs}

We are movie buffs
there's not a better place for us to be than
So today we decided to go to our favorite spot and see

and it was AWESOME!
We woke up early to get the early bird price
and even though we were running a little late we still
got in just in time not to miss the beginning.
I have loved the Planet of the Apes story since childhood.
I watched it as a very young girl in Mexico and I fell in love with the apes!
My father noticed how much I loved the movie that he bought me a Planet of the Apes lunchbox.
I took it with me to kindergarten and I thought I was sooo cool :)
After the movie we all went out for pizza at our favorite cheap pizza joint - Cici's Pizza.
Feeling exhausted already, we went home to relax for a bit and get my energy back for the piece de resistance-
My little guy loves, loves, loves bowling!
So when we annouced that's what was in the plan for tonight he jumped for joy.
So off we went, late in the evening when the sun was about to set and it was Still 100 degrees!
But first we had to stop and get me my favorite snack

you can have them whole 

MMMMMM... my mouth waters just writing about it!
It is a popular snack made with corn, mayo or sour cream, chile, lime and Mexican Queso Fresco (white cheese)

After my tummy was full, we drove across the street to my little guy's favorite hangout
The Bowling Alley! 

I was so happy to have my whole little family with me.
It's rare, now that my daughter is all grown up and working all the time to have her join us for a family outing.
Tonight she had no plans so she came along.
Boy what fun that was!
All of us together, laughing, cracking jokes, high-fiveing one another, making plans for bowling shirts and coming here every week!
That's what life is all about. Happiness and making memories.
Childhood and life in general goes by too dang fast. :(
I want to hold on to these younger years for as long as I can.
Heck the little guy even wants to join a bowling league :)
And I am already perusing websites for our new bowling shirts.
Our team name: "The Alley Cats"
Here's to a super week!

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  1. Gott love family time! I can't wait to see that movie

  2. What a fun day!! That corn looks amazing and makes my mouth water too. I've been wanting to take my kids bowling all summer--you have inspired me!

  3. Oh no, not Planet of the Apes! That show used to scare me to death when it was on TV when I was a little girl. I had nightmares about those people never escaping the planet... at least that is what I thought was going on in my mind. I don't know if it really is because I never have watched it as an adult. Bowling though is up my alley! Love it!

  4. We went to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes and I have to admit.. I did NOT have high hopes for the movie... oh man, I was SO wrong - I LOVED it! I'd be willing to watch it again, even. They did an excellent job.

    (Oh and Caren with C - it's not scary, I promise!)


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