Saturday, June 4, 2011

Scouting 'N Scraps {Organizing}

These next two weeks
will be full of preparation for scout camp. Having two boys in scouts always involves a rigamaroll of stuff to do-especially during the summer.
As is always the case, my little guy can NEVER find his scout handbook, or things that he needs to take to the meetings, etc. So today, I decided not to throw out my TIDE box into the recycling bin. I decided it would make a handy organizer for my little scout.

So I cleaned it up and set to work in my craft room (aka my study floor)
I gathered my materials
Tide box (empty)
Scrap paper
my Mighty Mend it Glue (I ordered more! YAY!)
My roll of brown, textured, craft wrapping paper
My Cricut and Gypsy machines

I first looked up some of the Scout clip art here >>>Scout Clipart
I chose what I wanted, sized it and printed it out.
Now for the little scout insignia thingie, I copied it over and over in Word and
then printed it on brown cardstock to put across the box.
The rest is self explanatory. Print Clipart, cut and glue on box.

First I glued on the wrapping paper.
Then I glued on my clip art that I printed on cardstock.
I then used my Gypsy to cut out some scalloped edges on my Cricut. I like to use my Gypsy b/c I don't have to use my computer and it's easier to design.
I used blue and gold cardstock to paste around the top cover and sides of the box.
I cut out the word Scout and the little guy's name, along with the scalloped edges from the Planting Schoolbook cartridge.

I also glued some craft paper inside the lid and decorated it with more cardstock.
I wanted to create some divider tabs for the inside and just measured the handbook and cut them a little wider and taller. This way he can find his handbook and any emails that come from his scout leaders, I can print and file them away for future reference.
This was a fun little project that cost me nothing since I had all the materials.
You can also make one for a girl scout (in fact I wish I had a little girl to make it really girlie and blingy ;))
The TIDE box was the perfect size for this.

I left the little flap on the box so it can open and close easily
We are keeping this little box in the study so we can easily find it and he can keep up with his handbook.
I am determined to make this little guy organized this summer.
Wish me luck!!

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  1. Love, love, love this idea AND the wrap station idea! I am an organizing coach for busy moms, and was specifically searching for a wrapping paper station idea, which is how I found you! Who knew we were so close geographically!


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