Saturday, May 28, 2011

Crate and Barrel Basket Knock Off

The Crate and Barrel catalog is one of my favorites. Right before I got a stroke, I was working on this knockoff.

The liner is $6.95 plus shipping if you don't have a CB nearby it
is close to $30!! Now if you want to have several of these it can quickly add up and become REALLY expensive.

Let me show you how I made my own large wire basket using cookie cooling racks from the Dollar Tree!!

First you need to buy 5 wire cooling racks. As I mentioned above, I got mine at the Dollar Tree. Since they come in packs of 2 I had one left over. Total cost for the 3 sets $3 :)

Then I had some 26 gauge wire on hand and used that to "sew" them together. This is really a very simple, no brainer process. Simply wrap the sides of your future basket with the wire. As you add the rest of the sides make sure they are lining up at the top so that it doesn't come out crooked.
I tied a piece of wire sort of loose on the top to hold it steady.
Now you will notice that there will be two sides that will be longer and stick out at the bottom. Don't worry because you will be trimming off those ends with some wire cutters. Trim off the ends about an inch and a half, enough to curl it up around the rack. After trimming off the ends, you will take some pliers and curl them around the bottom end of your basket. Close them tight, so as not to snag or scratch surfaces.

 See the longer side sticking out?
 sorry about the glare (as usual I was working at night)
You will clip that off with some wire cutters and then fold over tightly.
That's it!
Now if you want a cool basket liner you can make one yourself. I bought two dish towels from the Dollar Tree to make my own liner.
Using fabric glue or by sewing make a template on a cut out brown paper bag.

Leave about 4 inches all the way around so you can fold over the basket. I didn't and I had to improvise and ADD the extra on top after the fact AGGHHH Don't make the same mistake.
It measures 13X9 inches

Isn't this a great basket? You can use it as a gift also for a new mom and fill it with baby accessories and toiletries. Plus she can use the basket to organize baby's things :)
Or how about for a teen girl? Fill it with make up and toiletries, hair accessories, the list is endless.
Ooorrrrr how about for a teacher gift? I'd say he/she'll be most appreciative to use this basket to organize books, puzzles, food packets of gravies, mixes, etc.

I love my new basket and it came in handy when I came home from the hospital to put all my bathing and showering essentials within reach when I had to sit for my shower.
Fill it with washcloths, toothbrush, cup, toothpaste, brushes, etc for a nice gift for someone in the hospital!!
Total cost for this basket >>>>>$5.00
Wire racks $2.50 (I had one left over)
Fabric Dish towels $2.00
Extra fabric for bottom .50 ( I had a scrap)
Flower with burlap backing Free (it came in a wedding invite!)
Wire I already had free

Go on and make some!!

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