Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 50 And What I Am Thankful For..

Today I woke up and watered the backyard.
I sit under a willow tree and hold the hose out spraying cool water to all my thirsty flowers and my one tomato plant.
Molly, the fat pug, sits far away from me, scared that I may spray her too.
Wendy, the old dog, sits on the other side of the yard, under some shade, enjoying the morning breeze. This is one of the few things I have found that I can do by myself.
I actually sorta, snuck this chore when my husband went back to work on Monday.
I decided I needed to do SOMETHING.

It can drive a person crazy, just laying in bed day after day, night after night, while life goes on outside those four walls.
I watched TV, but after awhile I noticed many, many shows should take away the COM in SITCOM, they're not even funny.
I think I've read every magazine published and online. Sigh.
It is day 50 today. Friday. I should be at work counting down the hours 'till quittin' time so I can come home and play with my children.
But I'm not at work.
It's summer and I can hear the squeals of children far away somewhere down my block. Playing in their yards, swimming in their pools.
I envy their energy.
Now, I am through feeling sorry for myself and have dedicated myself to doing SOMETHING when I have a burst of energy.
I craft. I work from home a little bit here and there. I talk to friends on the phone. I play legos with my little guy. And today, today I water the yard.
I sit and listen. It's quiet all of a sudden.
I can hear the fat pug breathing.
She comes up to me and looks up while I turn the faucet off. I go back and sit under the willow tree.
My energy is vaporizing just like the water I just put on the hot ground.
I am thankful for that small burst of energy. For life. For MY life.
Another day alive is pure joy. I look forward to the next burst.
Just like the flowers in my garden.

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