Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 55 And What I Like To Do...

Today is day 55.
 I can't believe it. It feels like more days since I had the "incident" or bleeding stroke. As I lay in bed day after day, after friggin' day, I picture all the things I COULD be doing if my brain and body just cooperated.

 For instance I love to craft. NOOO??? You if you didn't know. I lay in bed and picture project after project in my funny little mind. I go to the extent of seeing myself going into Hobby Lobby and buying the items I will need to make it real. I see myself at the table putting it all together. I see myself enjoying it or giving it away. But when I remember I can't DRIVE myself to the HB.....wait what was that? Something on Dr. Phil that caught my attention. Oh no, that guy's had more than 20 plastic surgeries, what was he thinking? Oh where was I? Oh  yeah, I was reading the new Rick Springfield autobio.....I just loved him as a young girl and his song Jessie's Girl.

 And I remember how my friend Edna and I got her mom to buy tickets for us at the mall to see Purple Rain 'cause it was rated R and how cool I thought Edna's mom was and now when I remember I slightly blush (hee hee that was a BAAADD movie) and how I'd never let MY kids watch that filth (hee hee).

You see where I'm going with this? My brain is all over the friggin' place!!! This is most days (oh who am I kidding it's like EVERY day). I get myself all wired up over nothing.

I decide to go outside and water my plants. Wait, didn't I JUST do this? Where's Aaron so I can ask him?
Well I guess I should plan his 9th birthday party. Now when is my daughter coming home so she can drive me to Michael's?

Oh and today I made the Cardiologist laugh out loud. I mean CACKLE loud :)
My brain still has humor in it and my mouth cooperates.

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