Saturday, May 23, 2009

Six Flags!!

Getting ready to ride the parachutes
Trying his hand at shooting in the Indian Village shop

Riding the swings. He looks scared but he wasn't

Big Rig Driver

Aaron and Josh looking for rides on the map

What a great time! It has been ages since we've been there. Because I didn't know if Aaron was going to enjoy it so much, I didn't buy season passes. But now, after today, I will have to buy them, or so Aaron tells me!
He rode every single ride meant for his age (twice sometimes three times) and even got on all the big rides with Sergio that he was allowed to. He didn't want to come home! He is such a daredevil and full of so much adventure. There was no ride he turned down. I am so pleased to find that my littlest guy is so full of confidence and fearless. So unlike his mother! I am a big chicken. But it makes me so happy to see the look of sheer excitement, waiting in line to get on those spinning tea cups :)
That's what it's all about. I want to see joy in my family's faces. I want to hear that this is the "best day ever!" and I want to see a little, exhausted face seek my shoulder in the truck to fall fast asleep. I wonder what he dreamed of? Bugs, Daffy or his dad, putting his arm around him while riding the Mine Train Rollercoaster!

We'll have to go back next month and make more memories.

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  1. That sounds fun...I am glad you a great time and it doesn't look like it is too crowded.

    I love the cowboy hat!


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