Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ellison's Mural

Ellison's design at art class was chosen to be put up as a mural at the Wysong Building in the McKinney Hospital. The newspaper even featured her in an article. We are so proud of her and are planning to visit some art colleges over the summer. You should see her portfolio! It is awesome! She is now working on a very beautiful Macaw we saw at the zoo. He is gorgeous and I want him for my study!
Here is her mural design:

Here she is working on it with some of the art students from her class!We are so proud of Ellison and her many talents! This week we will be working on setting up her website! She designs shoes for people and they are quite amazing!! She has been told she has to start a business with her talent, and so she is. She can paint whatever a customer wants on canvas shoes. They are one of a kind! She is even going to work on some shoes for me!Stay tuned for her website!

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  1. Way to go Ellison. When it is completed we have to go on a trip to see it....


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