Saturday, May 30, 2009

He's not a baby anymore and no slip and slide

Josh's 5th grade graduation was on Thursday. I remember it like it was yesterday, me taking him to his Kindergarten registration. The look of anticipation on his face. He quickly shooed me away after he settled down at his own little desk. His teacher told me that he was a friend to everyone. I remember walking out of there, sitting in my car for a while and watching my then 5 year old guy, skipping, hand in hand with a friend down towards the playground at recess. I cried.

At his graduation, I didn't cry. I know how excited he is to go on to middle school. A whole new world awaits. The thing that eases my mind is that Josh has always chosen good friends. He is shy but he always attracts the right kind of people. This eases my mind. He is a funny guy yet he exudes this quiet confidence and a certain quirkiness. I know he'll be fine in middle school.

He chose to eat dinner at Chipotle that night, one of his favorites. I could tell he was bored at the graduation (so was I) and I could tell he was hungry. It was past 8, and we rushed out of the school and onto the good eatin'.

All in all a great night.

Today, Saturday, we woke up early and got to work on chores. Josh's friend, Alex was over and I asked him if he wanted to stay a little longer, maybe he could help with the little patio Josh and I had been building. He is such a good friend. He said Yes!!

Alex is such a hard worker. We got that weed blocker fabric put down in no time. We are quite proud of our little brick patio. It's still not quite finished and it was very hot this afternoon. We were all pouring sweat! But it was worth it. Afterwards, we set up the slip and slide for Aaron. He was excited at first, but then he said the water was too cold, the water is going to get on his eyes, etc. etc. He started bawling!! So I showed him how to do it with my clothes on!! I don't think I'll be able to walk right for the next few days ( I think I hurt my hip :-O

Anyway, he wouldn't have any of it and I finally turned it off. I continued with my little flower bed off to the side of the fence. I hope to put a fire pit in the future.
I am also, working on my kitchen table. It is an antiquey set and I saw this picture in a design magazine and so I am using that as my inspiration. It's going to look great. Sergio is helping me paint it with his air brush.
(I am going to put different fabrics on each chair. I am going to pick some snazzy patterns for them :)

So now I am sore but satisfied. I have a CASA trial on Monday and a jam packed week! Maybe I'll set up the slip n' slide for myself :D

It was a fun day~

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