Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's day was great. Ellison made me her famous hot chocolate that rivals Starbucks any day!! She surprised me by getting me a mickey mouse mug so I can drink my favorite guessed it chocolate milk!
She also made me a cool wooden tray that I will proudly display in my office. Aaron was so excited to show me his beautiful creation-a hand painted terra cotta pot with a pretty flower in it . But when he went to get it out of his backpack it was broken!! Oh no! He instantly started to blame Josh for breaking it. After I reassured him that it could be glued back together he calmed down a bit. Sergio made me, my sister and my mom some delicious fajitas with all the fixins'. Better than any restaurant if you ask me. My big guy Josh had a big hug and kiss for me. He always has a big hug for me after work and I love his hugs!! He is my sweetheart. The day before, we all went down to the mall to eat at our favorite eateries and for some shopping. Overall it was a good day. Hurray for moms!! Hope you had a good one too.
My great guy!

Aaron's shattered pot..
and the salvaged one!!

The beautiful card that Sergio made me. He stayed up late to hand craft it. Isn't he special? He filled it with quotes from my children over the years. It made me laugh so hard I cried.

What a handsome guy <3

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