Friday, May 22, 2009

Life is Great!

Life is great!

Life is great with all its ups and downs, joys and sufferings, successes and trials.
Life is just a training ground, a prep course if you will-to see who can make it to the end in one piece.
Now I didn’t always hold on to this philosophical and positive point of view. No sirreee Bob. I thought life was a waste of time-since we’re all going to end up dead anyways-RIGHT until I learned about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My perspective changed. My life changed. I am filled with hope, strength and LIGHT.

So what brings me, today, to this current state of thankfulness? Well tomorrow we are taking the family to Six Flags. “Well that’s a not a great event”-you say. But to a 6 year old…his world cannot get any better! He’s been counting down the days until he can mingle with the likes of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Foghorn Leghorn. Ahhhh the innocence of a 6 year old. Such simple pleasures! That’s why I’ve decided to think like my 6 year old and get excited that we’re having popcorn while watching a movie on TV. And pickles please—gotta have those pickles.
Which brings me to the point of this post…THANKFULNESS (is that even a word?)
Thank the LORD I have a job! I am thankful I went to college, that I kept up my skills and that now in these troubling times I can step up to the plate and support my entire family of 6 (my mom lives with us) with my sole income. Sure I took time off to be a SAHM with my first born, then 2 years right after my second child I re-entered the workforce. Then a couple of years for Aaron. Sure I could have been pulling in some serious bank right now if I hadn’t taken those “breaks” for my children.
Do I regret it-NO.

Spending time with my little babies was and still is precious. So many memories. Something time cannot erase. And so here I am now. Supporting my husband in his quest to find out what he wants to do now that his business is almost non-existent. I love him and I am supportive and glad to be there for him just like he was when I was a college student trying to find my niche in the world. It’s give and take-this partnership. I’m happy to take my turn as the sole breadwinner. And so I find myself as a little 6 year old child. Going with the flow and not being able to sleep tonight with the anticipation that tomorrow I may meet Elmer Fudd.

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  1. I love it. He is such a cutie. I have been subbing 1st grade at his school and he is so fun to watch.

    Enjoy Elmer and all the bugs bunny gang, but most of all enjoy that baby.

    Yes we do need to do something and soon. Love ya.


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