Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Checking Out A New Shop-Trash to Treasure

You all know how much I love discovering new treasures.
I am always in search of new places to shop that feature unique things.
Today I am here to share an awesome new store here in McKinney. 
It's called "Just Off the Square" and it is amazing!
I love all the work Melissa does in turning trash to treasure.
A girl after my own heart.
In her shop she displays and sells not only her own creations but those of other talented like-minded people.
I had so much fun chatting with her and being inside her shop I found it hard to leave.
The whole store just radiates warmth and charm.
It's a place I want to go visit again and again.
And you should too.
Here's a few pics I took while I was there:
  I fell in love with this table! She distressed it herself. She does all the painting and rehabbing herself

 Gorgeous Armoire hand painted by Melissa aka Dumpster Diva Just Off the Square
And look at this gorgeous clock and accessories. Swoon!
These are offered by Room Candy, one of her vendors.

Everywhere you turn you'll see beauty and charm.
                                   Even the bathroom is decorated with hand painted furniture and treasures galore
                                        Beautiful hand made jewelry

Oh, and do you love candles?
Check out these by Scents You Love
she makes them herself and pours them into beautiful containers

 I must have these pillows!

Melissa even has her daughter's photo studio in her shop!

 You can check out Melissa's shop on facebook here:
and her vendors here:

Thanks for taking time off your day to tour this quaint little shop with me.
Oh, and lest I forget to mention she offers fabulous classes on junking and painting too.
I may just take one of her classes :)
Until next time!

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