Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let there be light {Teen Boy's Room part 2}

I've gotten a little side tracked- it being Spring Break and all- and I haven't been paying much attention to the boy's room. But I had a couple of projects in the works so I decided to wrap those up this past weekend.
First I needed to get a snazzy lamp for my boy. I needed a pop of color in this black and grey room (he picked them-- Oy!) So we headed down to Hobby Lobby and we bought a yard of fabric.
I wanted something bright and happy like him :) We picked this out:

               I love the subtle variations of color. If this is your first time covering
               a shade, I suggest you start off with a non-patterned fabric.
Then I went to Home Goods store where they have the coolest selection of lamps I've ever seen (and they're cheap too). We picked a really cool lamp with a stainless steel look stand {of which I forgot to take a before pic of}

Now all I needed was to wrap the shade in the snazzy orange fabric and viola!! Cool lamp.
First you need to measure the amount of fabric you'll need by rolling your lamp shade along the fabric and marking with chalk or disappearing pen. {Allow about 3/4 inches on the top and bottom for edges.} I eyeballed it and just snipped where I should start/stop cutting.

I cut the fabric then I pressed it because it had some serious wrinkles. Then I placed a couple of pieces of painters tape just to hold the fabric taut. Make sure you line up your seams with the existing seam to keep it uniform.

You'll want to fold over about 3/4 inch in on the fabric so it makes a clean edge. Glue it with fabric glue. Do one side then the other making sure you cut off any excess off the other end.

Fold in the same on the bottom of the shade. Keep pulling gently to keep it from sagging and gluing until you are done. I used my Mighty Mend it glue because I have it handy and I really LOVE it but you can use any fabric glue.
Press around with your fingers gently to make sure all edges are glued and add ribbon if you want.
In a matter of minutes you have a brand new shade! I paid $4.89 for the fabric and $29.99 for the lamp.

I had the glue on hand. Also, make sure you invest in a good pair of fabric scissors and ONLY use them for FABRIC. If you start to use them on paper you will dull them.

And here she is all dressed up and ready to light up one teen boy's life. At night.While he reads. His scriptures ;)

Next up a CB2 {Crate and Barrel} knock off-CLOCK!

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  1. Love this! What a fabulous color. Thank you so much for linking this up to Inspiration Friday this week!


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