Monday, August 6, 2012

Make Cool Things with Maps {cards, tags, boys room decor}

Decorate With Maps

As I was working on my little guy's room the other night, I got inspired to do some mappy crafts!!
Since his room has an airplane theme, I decided to add some framed maps to his room decor.
It was so easy and fun to do that I made some gift tags and cards as well!
{just to have on hand you know}

 These are very easy to make. I simply took my Atlas {which is a book of maps of the USA} and chose some cities I liked. I chose New York and Chicago.
I then made copies on card stock.
 Next, I simply took a tag I already had and used it as a template for my new map tags :)
You simply punch a hole through the top and I tied some twine to them. Tada. Cute tags for my next gift. 
I then decided to make use of the printed maps and put them on some cards. 
I usually stop by the $1 spot at the store or at the dollar store and buy up some blank greeting cards. Then I can just glue my map on the front of the card and embellish as I wish.
So inexpensive and cute.
The second one you see there with the white embossing across it, I left blank because I want to be able to stamp a sentiment on it when the time comes.
Something along the lines of "I think the world of you", etc.
But now I want to show you my little guy's room. 
This is the wall that surrounds his closet. 
On the top you will see the propeller his daddy made him
out of wood. 

Yes, my hubby is very handy and creative. 
On one side I made some copies of some cool  planes that he likes onto card stock and simply put them into a dollar store frame.
On the other side you will see the maps.
So simple but cute.

The rest of his room can be seen in a post I did here
Next thing on my list is his dresser. I have grand ideas for that wall.
You'll have to come back to see that.

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