Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yahoo News! Interview: Remake America

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a representative 
of Yahoo! News
She told me all about a series on their site titled "Remake America."
The series deals with six families facing real 
financial challenges and the online community who offers suggestions.
The families are given the help of a professional financial adviser to aid them in their quest for financial recovery.
When the representative explained to me what this series was all about, I was intrigued. She then asked me if I was willing to interview one of the families in the series for them.
Of course I said yes!
With my background in finance, anything I can do to help others is something that I always strive for.
An appointment was made and I made the phone call to Kirk and LaTosha.
Before I post the transcript of this interview here is a video from Yahoo! News where you can get some background on the couple.

LaTosha and Kirk live in the Houston area and together they have six kids. When Yahoo first met the couple, Kirk had lost his job and with only one income, the couple is found themselves in some serious financial trouble.
After a few months, with help from the financial expert, Kirk and LaTosha are on their way out of the financial hole they first found themselves in.
I spoke with LaTosha late last week and here is my interview:
"Hi Latosha:
My name is Patty and I am a blogger at Our Adventures in Big Ole Texas.
I’ve been following along on Yahoo! News and the Remake America Series.
I was asked to conduct a brief interview to share on my blog about your experiences with Kirk losing his job and the overall experience with Remake America and using Faroosh Torabi’s advice.
The last episode dealt with your making some extra income by catering. How’s that been going?"
LaTosha: "It hasn't been. I haven't had much luck with that until this morning when somebody contacted me about possibly catering an event. I'll be working on the menu tonight and hopefully that will work out.
Patty: " Do you feel that maybe Kirk can do something on the side to make extra money as well?"
LaTosha: "I mean he can do that if he wants, if he can do something he likes, but, you know, I'm not going to force him to."
"One of the episodes dealt with you and Kirk communicating more about expenses and budgeting. Have you both been doing better in communicating with each other regarding making purchases,etc?"

LaTosha: "You know we've always talked about it, finances, I don't know why it came across, but I've always been the one who pays the bills and we have never made purchases without each others consent."
"Have you guys developed a household budget and have you been able to stick to it?

LaTosha: "What we've been doing differently is try to stick with it and develop a safety net. 
"What are some of the difficulties you find yourself in when drawing up a budget?"
LaTosha: "Some things are not as important to him as they are to me and vice versa."
"How is Kirk’s new job as far as salary as compared to the one he had before?"
LaTosha: "Kirk's job is going well with the same salary range as before."

"What are some of your financial goals short term? (in the next 30-90 days)"
LaTosha: "Continue building savings is the main thing. We really hadn't done that before and we want to be prepared should something like this happen again."
"Long term? (1 year to 5 years)"
LaTosha: " Long term, we would like to purchase another house, so that's a goal and college savings for my younger children, also pay off our vehicles."
"How do you think this experience has helped you grow together as a couple?
As parents?"
LaTosha: "It definitely helped us grow closer as a couple and communication has improved and we have grown stronger together. As parents it has helped to better communicate with our children, even though you want to keep their innocence but live in reality and sometimes you have to have the conversation of wants versus needs they need to understand that."

"Well I think you guys are very courageous and inspiring and we all appreciate you sharing your story with everyone. Thank you very much, LaTosha.

LaTosha: "Thank you."

Thanks so much LaTosha and Kirk for sharing your story with all of us. 
To see the next installment in their story click on over to Yahoo! News-Remake America.

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