Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Make A Laundry Bag (Stencil and Dropcloth)

How to Make A Laundry Bag Out of Dropcloths

Well it's T minus 10 days 'till the little guy goes off to 
and I am busy getting all his gear ready.
The big guy goes off to his camp this Sunday so I am getting his gear ready first.
One of the things on both their lists were laundry bags.
Now, I know I could just go buy one but what fun would that be?

So here is how to make your very own cheap laundry bag:
You will need-
some type of strong cording such as clothes line
acrylic paint
letter stencils
stippling brush
a sewing machine

For my lettering I used my Cricut and Gypsy with the Storybook fonts

I wanted to make the laundry bags look kinda vintage-y
What do you think?

The big guy's bag has his monogram on it

and the little guy's has his name stenciled on the back
The number 13 was used to signify the first letter of our last name ;)
My mom, who is a professional seamstress and could sew these babies up in a matter of minutes, helped me out by cutting the dropcloths to size and sewing them. Then she put the cording on each and we tied a knot at the end.
The bags measure 20 inches wide by 30 inches tall.

I cut out the words "laundry" and the monogram/names with my Cricut and used them as stencils.
Then I lined them up using a t-square to make sure they look
somewhat straight {you can use a level too if you want}
Here are the steps in pictures:

I am very pleased with the results.
Again, you could just go buy one but it's SO much fun to make one.
I can see these used for college kids as well. You can make them as big and wide as you want. 
These can also be used when going camping.
Imagine them with your family's names and/or a cute
symbol on them.
You can also make these by using an iron on and designing the lettering on your computer :)
So many possibilities.
Cost: $4.00 for the cording
I had everything else :)

I'll be back soon with many more projects.
Including one recipe to help keep you cool this summer.

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