Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to Wrap A Pretty Wedding Present

 Ahhh June, the time of year for many weddings and celebrations!
Today I will show you an idea on how to wrap a pretty wedding gift or any other gift using things you 
have on hand.
For this particular gift, I wanted it to look like a fancy box.   
You start off by buying some good quality wrapping paper in a nice solid color. This way you can use it over and over no matter the occasion.
I love this aqua colored paper from 
it's good quality, thick and has lasted me for over a year.
Next you gather some supplies:
 I used things I had on hand-silvery ruffled border, glittery chip letters, glue stick, MS silvery paint, and MS stencils used to paint my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Armoire.
First you wrap your gift just as always except instead of using transparent tape I used my glue stick. You can use double sided tape as well. The trick is to NOT have the tape showing.
On one side of the gift, I only glued it partially so I could create a pocket for the card.
I find this a lot better way to present the gift and the card.
I made the card too, but that's for another post.
Next, I took my silver-metallic paint and chose a stencil I wanted to use.
I then stenciled all six sides of the wrapped box just to give it some class :)
{I waited for the sides to dry before proceeding to the other sides}
After all the stenciling was done, I then took the glittery letters and glued them to the top of the gift:
 I then took the silvery, ruffled, border and carefully glued it around the edges.
 And that's it! 
See how simple and inexpensive it is to wrap a pretty present?
It sure beats sticking it in a gift bag.
I find that when I am given a present, I love the way it's wrapped and makes me feel extra special :)
You can use kraft paper and your favorite stamps and any pretty craft paint too.
How about using buttons and scrap fabric to create pretty rosettes that you can glue in groups on top of the box?
The possibilities are endless!
How about you? 
Are you going to any fancy soirees this summer?
I'd love to hear about it in the comments and link up your pretty gift wrap ideas in the comments or via email so I can feature YOU on this blog this summer!
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Have a great first day of Summer.


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