Friday, June 1, 2012

Bittersweet Week {Hello and Goodbye}

Yep I finally did it. I took the leap of faith I needed to take and I retired early from my government accounting job.
Today was my last day :(
And just as I was doubting myself for my decision, I got an email wanting to book a wedding with me in the fall :)

 {copyright Patricia Martinez Photography}

Isn't it something when we start to doubt ourselves only to have little reminders that we are not alone?
That maybe there IS someone out there watching us and making sure we live up to our potential.
And that makes me feel a whole LOT better.
So this week the kids finally got out of school and summer is officially here!
It was bittersweet for our little guy as he bid farewell to his elementary school.
We will begin homeschooling him in the fall and I will blog about this entirely new adventure.
Our big guy, well he bid adieu to to middle school and is now a REALLY big guy going to high school.
We are also getting ready to send the little guy to Camp Huawni and he is very excited!!
It'll be nice to be able to run around and just be a kid.
Hurray no electronics!
This mom is happy :)

 {copyright Patricia Martinez Photography}

And as for me: Well I am planning on keeping myself busy with home projects and building up my photography business and we'll see where this journey takes us.
 {copyright Patricia Martinez Photography}

So if you need some family or wedding pics contact me.
 I have lots of time now ;)


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