Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Fun at Camp

Well we did it!
We dropped off the little guy at
We got to see some pics of him thru their
secure website.
I am sure he is having lots of fun.
Here are a few pics of him at Camp Huawni.

I sure do miss him :(
But I know he is in good hands and getting to be a kid.
He can run around all day playing with friends without me 
worrying that he will be run over by a car or taken by some 
I want my children to have those carefree days and just be kids.
At Camp Huawni, my little guy will get to make some great memories.

And as for me, well I finally finished my consulting work and hopefully won't have to be doing that anymore.
I took the leap of faith and now I have to work hard at moving my photography business forward.
I also have a lot of projects to finish here at home and lots of traveling to do. 
I thought I'd have lots of time to do said projects since the boys aren't here-WRONG!!
I find myself sidetracked most of the day taking care of the day to day chores.
Well, such is life.
And what a great life it is!!
What about you?
Are your kids doing any fun camps this summer?
I'd love to hear from you in my comments.


***This post was sponsored by Camp Huawni. I have not received compensation for my opinions. I may have received products for mentioning them in my blog.
All opinions and post ideas are mine.***

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