Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thankful Thursdays {Believing}

There came a time in my life where I got to the realization that believing in God wasn't sufficient for me.
I had to get to know HIM more.

Isn't it this way with everyone that we claim we love?
From our parents to our children to good friends, we have to get to know them in order to have a relationship with them. 

As I grow older, I also work towards growing my relationship with my Father in Heaven.
You see I rarely call Him God anymore.
I have gotten to know Him and therefore I refer to Him as Father.
In all my daily prayers, I speak to  him. And while I know He knows me, I have yet to know Him.
The wholeness of Him.
The goodness of Him.
And the patience and forgiveness.
The pure love He has for us.
Yes, it's been quite a journey for me. 
Getting to know Him.
It was both painful and joyful.
As I accepted His son as my Savior 8 years ago, alone, in my living room. 
I cried as every mean thought and deed I owned ran through my head and coursed like hot lava through my veins.
It was a cleansing effect.
And afterwards, spent, I felt light.

Now there's a word for you.
When you feel light, you no longer feel heavy.
When you feel the light, you are no longer searching around in the darkness.
Yes, that seems like long ago for me.
And I am happy and thankful for the opportunity to lighten my load.
And put it upon Him.
I have yet a long road ahead of me, as most of us do.
Through past heartaches and joy, I have survived.
As you have as well.
It is indeed a blessing. 
A light on our countenance as we get to know Him on a more personal level and we know that He is more than God.
He is our Father.
And for that knowledge, I am so thankful.

How do you feel towards Him?
I'd love to read your thoughts and stories.


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