Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Finding Life Long Friends

My memories of childhood include me running around with my cousins and friends on a sunny Summer morning. We planned the day's activities basing ourselves on the number of kids we could round up to play a good game of softball.
I remember us splashing around in the puddles across the street and skateboarding down steep hills at the local laundromat :)

When I see my children today, I wish they had these memories of childhood when they grow up.
But with all the electronics available, sadly most kids, including mine, don't go out to play very much.
Gone are the days of running around carefree and footloose through the neighborhood. 
Going from house to house, knocking on friends' doors to see if they want to come out to play. 
I remember and I smile.
I want to give my children the same carefree memories of summers gone by.
I want them to talk to their kids about how fun it was to be them as a kid and playing during those warm summer months.
This is why I have decided to send my little guy to summer camp. 
I feel better and better about it the closer we get to summertime.
Camp Huawni is a camp in East Texas that has been around for a very long time. 
I can't wait for my little guy to go there this summer and make some memories for himself.
I especially like to read Camp Huawni's blog where other campers post about their fun times at camp.
You can read them here:

What do you remember about your summer vacations?
I'd love to hear about it.


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