Friday, March 16, 2012

Make Your Own Chalk Paint Project {Goodwill Frame}

Well here we are at the end of another fun filled week ;)
Our Spring Break is winding down to a close much to the chagrin of my kids (and myself). 
But while we're still here, I tried to squeeze out every ounce of fun possible.
I took the boys out to scour the antique shops, again, for photo props and cool vintage things. I'll leave that post for tomorrow. But today I was so psyched, what with this gorgeous 80 degree weather and my feeling extra energetic, well I just thought I'd throw in a little project for ya.
So I decided to make my own chalk paint tonight :)
It is super easy. 
But let me tell you, you must mix/shake the  paint for a good 3-5 minutes so that the grout can really mix with the paint.
Here we go:
I took a $5 goodwill frame, popped the canvas painting out and taped off the material part of it. 
I then took a foam bowl, measured 1 cup in it, marked it with a pen (I did not want to ruin my measuring cups, so this is the method I used) then I took a plastic spoon and measured 1 tbsp the same way. 
I mixed the paint and grout in the bowl some then transferred it to the glass jar. I put the lid on tight, and shook and shook :)
Then I simply started to paint. The paint dries fast and had barely any clumps at all!
I did a French White coat, let that dry while I made a batch of Grey. 

I put on the Grey coat making sure not to coat the white parts thoroughly. 
I wanted the white to show through :)
After that dried, I used some Minwax to buff and give it some sheen.

In between coats and drying, I took the little canvas and sprayed chalkboard paint on it. I gave it three coats letting them dry in between.
After all this I popped the little canvas back in and voila!
Cute chalkboard!


{Spring Time}

I loved making my own chalk paint so much, I can't wait to make some more colors. 
I think I am going to paint my big guy's desk with chalk paint instead of the regular one (I've been putting off finishing his room for a year now!)
The best part is that you don't have to prime or prep your surface really to use the chalk paint.

Have a great weekend!

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