Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring into Spring {Simple Spring Mantle}

Today is officially Spring!
No matter that we have been swamped (literally) with rain.
Don't worry about the flash flood warnings!
Spring showers will bring flowers :)
Anywho, since it's that sunny and warm time of the year, I decided to spruce up my mantle some.
But first I have to show you this really cool
rocker/chair I got at the ORLY last month!!

 I was thinking I was going to recover it but my daughter said she loves the color just as it is.
I don't know yet what I am going to do but right now I am loving the splash of color it gives to this part of my room. Now on to the actual details of the my mantle.
As you can see it is fairly simple.
I took the framed chalkboard I made here
and added a French sentiment.
I then added some silk flowers, white candlesticks sitting on a book with a home made printed cover.
On the other side, I added a cute little tin vase filled with faux greenery and a vintage milk bottle.
On the hearth, a small wooden shutter leans against the fireplace and next to the burnt orange chair is a metal market bucket filled with white flowers that spill over the top.
I love the way it looks as the light hits it when the sun is setting outside :)
It makes me happy to see it every time I enter the room.

 Of course our sweet Molly had to be in the picture :)
She kept wandering in and out of shots. I often have to fight her to let me get on this chair as she often thinks she's human and loves to climb up on comfy chairs :)

 Happy Tuesday everyone!


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  1. Cute! Nice and simple! Love the pic of your pug too! I'm a fellow pug lover! I have 4 pugs, 1 black and 3 fawn.


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