Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thankful Thursdays {A Child's Heart}

Many times I ask myself, "What will I do when my youngest guy grows up?" 
I am afraid of not having a small child around to love on and kiss on constantly :)

Yesterday I got off work early.
I picked up my older son from our church's Pioneer Trek and brought him home {that amazing experience post will come up soon}
Then my little guy and I, ran around doing some errands.
Coming back, I decided to wind down through another neighborhood just up the road from us.
I pointed to my little guy different cool areas that I could use for  photoshoots.
On our way out of the neighborhood, my little guy says, "Stop. Look at that beautiful lake. Maybe we can stop there for a minute."
And for one fleeting moment, I almost told him "No. We don't have time. We need to get home and get dinner ready. Etc, etc."
But I caught myself and didn't.
Instead I told him, "Let's turn around and see."
We quickly parked the car by the curb and I watched as he bounded down the small hill towards a little bench that faced the small lake, a beautiful fountain, and the most gorgeous sunset I had seen.
He yelled, "Mom! Come down here. Don't be scared."
I hid a small smile and started towards him.
And there we stood. Looking over the horizon. 
In this suburban neighborhood with the Walmart right behind.
And we both just watched.
And I took a few pics only to hold on to the moment.
As I adjusted my focus back and forth, he ran to another spot. Then another. 
I hurried after him. Both of us laughing and pointing at ducks and at the sunset that was now changing colors as it slowly crept under clouds and then homes.
He said, "Watch me run up and down this hill, real fast, Mom, real fast!"
And I did.
I stood there not thinking about anything else. Not about dinner, not about paying bills or how we'd afford this or that, I was just there. 
With him.
And the sunset.
I hadn't even noticed the Walmart behind it  until HE pointed it out!
A child's heart is full of love and purity.
Oh how I will miss these moments when my little guy is grown and gone.
Perhaps, when he comes and visits his old mother, he'll still bring me to watch his sunsets.
{copyright Patricia Martinez Photography}

Enjoy your week. It's almost Friday :)
Where does the time go?


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