Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Eye Candy-My Fave Blogs

If you're like me you blog surf. A lot. 
And what with the advent of Pinterest, well, we have sooo much more to look at, right?
And even though there are thousands upon thousands of blogs, I find myself going back to a chosen few because frankly my brain desires them.
It's like my eyes crave them.
These blogs are not only filled with creative ideas, photos, and stories they have gorgeous colors!
Yes, colors!!
I love feasting my eyes on colorful photographs.
So today I will share with you what I crave and what I consider to be the ultimate in eye candy :)
 First up is a fairly new to me site.
I love her site, because not only is it SUPER informative, but the crafts are just so cute!! She is a director for Stampin' Up and I just love all the creative ways she has to make that everyday card extraordinary!

 And she even provides tutorials on how to make these with downloadable instructions! Fun, fun, fun :)
Getting my email subscription from Inking Idaho always puts a smile on my face :)
I even downloaded the entire Stampin' Up catalog so I could look at it and all the beautiful colors and projects on there. I could order everything!! (but won't, don't worry hubby ;))
I warn you that her blog is addictive. Peruse it at your own risk.
Next up is one of my most favorite blogs for party ideas:
 {all images belong to Hostess with Mostess blog}
Bowling Party!

 Lorax Party!

:: Weddings::


Then there's Isabella and Max. This is one of the first design blogs I have began to follow, and let me tell ya, it is chock full of inspiration!
 {all images are hers}
::Chalkboard dresser::

::stenciled wall::

 ::how to cover a lampshade::


Now for my daily dose of inspiration and a reminder to enjoy the simple things in life I go here:
Kelle Hampton is a terrific blogger, writer, photographer and mom of two darling little girls, one of whom happens to have Down Syndrome. Her everyday stories inspire millions around the world to take the time to "stop and smell the roses" :)
She has even written a new book (and I can' wait to get it)
Here's a small sampling of her work:
{all images are Kelle Hampton's}

I think little Nella is adorable. 


And last but certainly not least is one of the first blogs I began to follow.
I love her graphic designs, her fonts, her style, well, just about everything Emily does is beautiful.
See for yourself!
{all images are Emily Jones'}


This last one is one of the many free printables Emily so graciously offers her blog readers. This past holiday season she even had several printables to give away almost every day of the week!
So here you have it. Some of the places I love to go for inspiration and colorful stimulation.
I hope you enjoyed your eye candy :)


P.S. If you are going to pin any of the photos on this post, please, please go to the original source in the link so THEY can get the credit and others know where to find the full tutorial!

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