Monday, January 16, 2012

Treasure Huntin'

Well super Monday to everyone!
Haven't had a chance to blog as of late but I have sooo many
cool pics to show you of a couple of great places to go 
treasure huntin'

You know I love a good bargain and my love 
for all things vintage has now spread to my sons who now go with me to find some treasures. 
Now, we don't always go to buy, sometimes we just 
go to look :)
It's thrill of finding something old and getting
a story out of it!
First up is Treasure Spotters
you can find them on facebook here.
There's this group of junk and vintage dealers who are selling anything from upcycled dressers to well...old bicycles!
So cool! Join them on facebook for frequent updates on their next shows!
Here's a few photos of what they had two weeks ago:

Cool vintage high chair and a sled!

Hey this bike almost looks like mine :)
look at that gorgeous green piece!!

 This little desk almost came home with me:)

Now, I don't know if this is for sale or not, but I was just swooning when I saw it!
And this skull is just plain cool!

Next, is this other cool place called Frisco Mercantile.
It is an indoor shop with many different booths and let me tell you I didn't want to leave!
From really fancy, schmanzy, to oh so shabby and real
antique pieces! 
You've got to check it out.

Here's a little tour of the place :)
 I just fell in love with these trunks and the round suitcases!!

 I just had to take a pic of this cute toy truck ;)
 And my little guy found this cool Ms. PacMan vintage machine that was for sale! How cool would that be to have in a real "game room" oh to dream....
Ok. The guys had to drag me out of this back area.
It is just chock full of really old vintage stuff! From old theater lights, to real antique workbenches and letter presses, gosh I could go on and on. You just have to go take a look. The stuff in this area ain't cheap. But if you are into decorating with the "real" stuff. This is your place!
Old Workbench
And last, but not least, this cute ride on (??) metal, vintage pony. I just fell in love with his cute face. He would look fab in a nursery don't you think. It's about 2 feet high.
What about you? 
Did you go exploring this past week?
I'd love to hear about the places in your town where you find your treasures.
Post a comment with your links :)
Have a great week!!

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  1. We found a fabulous place in Lakewood (East Dallas area) called Curiosities. They have a FB page. It is, without a doubt, the best shop of it's type I've ever been in. We spent hours just going from one room to another. Check it out! You won't be disappointed!!

  2. Thanks for that tip! I will surely put it on my list of places to go check out! I love supporting all our local merchants :)

  3. wow..what a find..i could spend all day there and spend all my money there!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!


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