Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fun and EZ Valentine's Day Treat Bag-Bear Hugs

Happy Thursday! 
It's almost the weekend again! Hurray :)
This past weekend was beautiful here in the Dallas area and we took full advantage of it by being mostly outside.
I cannot believe it is almost February ((YIKES))
and with that fabulous month of love and friendship comes many CRAFTS!
Yay I have my mojo back!
I've been thinking of what to do for my little guy's Valentine's this year. Last year he and I dipped some Chinese fortune cookies in chocolate and sprinkles, put them in mini-take out boxes and he took them into his classmates.
So C-U-T-E and fun to make :)
This year I thought I'd make it even easier so both he and I can make them together. These are "Bear Hugs" treat bags.

Here's what you'll need:
Chocolate Teddy Grahams (cookies)
Cinnamon or Chocolaty Chip Teddy Grahams (cookies)
Bags of gummy bears
ziploc sandwich bags

First you go to my link and download the free printable treat topper bag. I have made several different kinds. My little guy wanted as little pink as possible (understandably) and so I made his with a tan background. I also made some with pink and red backgrounds if you have girls. And I even took the friendship label off them if you prefer them to just read 
"Bear Hugs"
Get it? Teddy  (grahams) Bear Hugs?
Simply stuff some of the above ingredients into each baggie (you choose how much to give each kid) then zip it closed.
Take the printable you want. Print it onto cardstock (they print 2 to a sheet of 8.5 X 11), cut them out and fold in half.
Then simply staple the topper to the bag and that's it!
You can embellish with a pretty bow on the corner if you wish :) 

                                                                         The Back

Again, mine is a boy and he opted to NOT put anything "girlie on it please" (hee hee, he cracks me up)
So there you have it!
Simple, easy, inexpensive.
It sure beats giving them a bunch of candy ;)
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Have a great week!

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