Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pondering a Summer Camp {Camp Huawni}

I've been asking a lot of people about their experiences at summer camp.
I never went to a summer camp as a child but always wished I could have gone. My main concern in sending my little guy to camp is him being homesick.
We've been looking into sending him to an awesome camp called Camp Huawni.
(It is located in beautiful part of East Texas.)

Camp road sign

Although after talking it over with my mom, she clued me into something I hadn't thought about.
She said "Are you sure it's not YOU who will be homesick for HIM?"
Hmmmm..in other words, are my feelings of overprotection being projected onto him (he seems a little apprehensive in going away to camp)? I had to think long and hard about this.
I feel that since he's the youngest, my baby, and that my older son will be gone as well, I may be afraid of being lonely without the two of them.
I've never been away from them for more than a week's time and even then it was hard on me.
When I asked my little guy how he feels when Dad and I are away for a weekend or mini vacation he said "I'ts great without you guys!!"


He then proceeded to tell me about the fun he has with his big sister or grandma whenever we are away.
He also told me of the fun he has making new friends and playing with them.


I guess, it's been me all this time being apprehensive about summer camp.
All it took was for me to mention it to my mother and the kid himself.
Go figure.


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