Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer=Friends and Fun

This past weekend our good friend Tonya invited us over to a cookout and swimming at her beautiful home. I tell ya this girl's backyard is like a resort! The kids had fun swimming and eating and just relaxing and chatting. It was a beautiful sunny day and she also invited another family from our church. It's just wonderful to make new friends.
Tonya is a really funny and unique lady (HA) she keeps me laughing with her views on life and her lighthearted views of the world. I like her because she keeps it REAL. We also had fun playing with her new dog Carson-who, as I tell Tonya should have his own show!!

Sergio and I decided that at our next house we will definitely have a pool. In Texas a pool is a must.
Oh, I also got a much needed haircut and I feel tons lighter!!
Sergio picked out a new haircolor for me that I absolutely love!! He has such good taste :)

After the fun at Tonya's we went to see Toy Story 3. It was delightful. We went to the late show which our boys saw as a treat. They got to be out late :)
Summer is going so far so good. It's nice to have good friends (with pools ;))

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