Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer and Swimming

What's summertime without swimming? As a child we loved to go to the pool or just splash around in my back yard across the sprinklers or play under the water "arc" my mom made with the hose spray :)

So on Saturday morning I packed up the boys and headed to the neighborhood pool. This neighborhood pool is pretty snazzy. It's got a splash pad and sand! Aaron likes to play in the sand and build "cities". This time we took Josh's friend Alex. I just  relaxed under a tree and later joined Aaron in his "city building".
It's a nice way to relax.

It gets a little hot in Texas. It got up to 100 degrees on this day (yikes) but we like to get to the pool right when they open.
Afterwards, we went home and took our showers. We celebrated Father's Day on Saturday since Sunday is the Sabbath for us. We took Sergio to one of his favorite eateries in Dallas-Shuck N'Jive.
They serve some of the best blackened chicken Po Boys we've ever had. I had the blackened chicken pasta without the chicken :D
Josh tried their burger and declared this his new favorite place to eat! All the food is yummy and even better if you love seafood (we don't-crazy huh?)

Aaron's burger was as big as his face! :-0

Sergio loves fried pickles!
Have you noticed that this family is REALLY into FOOD! You'd think with all the food we talk about we would each weigh 300lbs!!
Anyways, it's nice to indulge once in a while.
After eating we gave Sergio his gifts. The boys and I got him a card and some snacks (again food :))
Ellison got him a DVD of one of his favorite movies Shawshank Redemption and some ice cream (food again)
Then on Sunday, the Actual Father's Day, we just relaxed and watched movies after church and the boys and I like to play board games. Their favorite is Monopoly.
Sergio is not much for board games so he usually watches TV while we play and Ellison is now too cool to hang out with her little brothers so she is usually upstairs drawing.

Earlier in the week Aaron wanted to get a new pet. He had a spotted gecko that Sergio had caught outside but he was looking kinda sickly and we let him go. Aaron cried and cried so I promised him a new one from the pet store. BIG MISTAKE.
I learned that those darned reptiles need a lot of care and supplies to survive! I told him maybe we can just get you some fish. So we ended up getting a couple of tiger barbs and a little 5 gallon aquarium.

Now I am super busy trying to figure out the care of fish! Aggh. What have I gotten myself into?? Maybe I can eat something to help me think......

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