Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July Fun

Well I had been looking forward to the long weekend for a whole month!!
It's finally here :) and I had a great plans for the family. First we were going to the free concert and the fireworks and we were going to make some yummy food and crafts. But then I saw the forecast and rain was predicted for the whole weekend. Groan...
So I decided I was going to make some memories and bond with my children by making chocolate dipped pretzel sticks. So I took out all the ingredients and none of my children were I called out for Aaron and he finally comes over while still looking over the ledge and watching TV....ok, then.
So he dips a couple of the sticks in the chocolate then he says "Am I done?" And I said no you need to help me make the rest. So he makes a few more and he is finally looking like he's enjoying himself and I snap a pic:

because you know, he'll need to see this when he grows up ;)
Then I decide to tackle a project that I saw here. It is a knock off of a Pottery Barn wooden flag. I loved it. I only had one night to paint it and put it together so I could hang it for the fourth. So I had to cut a few corners. First, I did not do so great a job like the original. I did not use the crackle finish, nor did I hand paint each and every friggin' star, and I did not take a sander to distress it to look old. I am NOT THAT dedicated. So here's where the corners were cut:

  I had my trusty Cricut cut 50 stars that I decoupaged onto the flag :)

  and there she is--- OLD GLORY
Not as snazzy as the tutorial one, but she's mine :)
I will proudly hang it on my front porch as much as I can

Oh and those pom poms were inspired by Martha Stewart herself and I love the idea from centsational girl. And yes I did this all Friday night!! In a midnight frenzie that I couldn't even think anymore nor draw a straight line! But I had fun, dang it and that's what counts! Happy Birthday America! I'm glad we're here :)

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  1. You forgot to mention how you had to prepare for a talk in Young Women all for the same weekend!! I totally sympathize with you about trying to do some fun activities with your kids. Lately that's how things turn out for me too! It can be so frustrating! I'm impressed that you stuck it out and the chocolate pretzels look delicious. I love your flag! I think it looks great.


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