Saturday, October 4, 2008

What a great day!

Today was just beautiful. Ellison and I went out to Farmersville, a town just east of us to peddle some of our wares. We sold some of Sergio's salsa, some of my jewelry and of course Tupperware :) Ellison is developing into quite the sales person. I feel it is important to have my children learn how to make a buck and be entrepreneurial. Ellison has been at it since she was 5! She is not shy in getting people's attention to come to our booth :) I however, am a little, shy...I know hard to believe. So after our crafts fair, we headed over to pick up the packet for our Block Party this Tuesday night. We registered our block for the National Night Out and so the police and firefighters will hopefully show up at our block party.

So after all this, we rushed home and I helped Ellison get ready for Homecoming Dance! I am so excited and I am not even the one going. I helped her curl her hair, do some of her makeup, etc. I can't believe my baby is all grown up and she will be 17 in a couple of weeks. Brian, her boyfriend, is the nicest guy, and Sergio and I are SO happy they hooked up :D

So here are some pics of the gorgeous couple
We are so proud of Ellison and the good choices she has made. She truly is a good example to her brothers and her family.
We love you Elle!!

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