Monday, October 27, 2008

Proud Parents

Sergio and I went to talk to Josh's teacher, Ms.Galyon. Josh is in 5th grade now. We were not surprised to hear her rave about him. We are so lucky to be his parents. These are the words she used to describe our son:
Self Motivated
Mature for his age (he just turned 11)
He's not a goof ball (that's good)
Incredibly bright
Gets along well with everyone
Wish all 30 of them were just like him
He is funny!
He does not want to attract attention to himself
I recommend he goes into the GT program-Alpha

Needless to say, Sergio and I were beaming with love and pride for this wonderful boy we get to call our son. He is exactly the same way at home. Josh has been recommended to enroll in the GT (gifted program) before when he was in the 2nd grade. But I tell ya, this guy is so sharp he figured out what the testing was for, and now, years later, informed us he purposely failed it!! He didn't get a 97% percentile, he got 95% percentile and did not get in. We were puzzled of course, since he has always been so bright. I asked him why he didn't want to be in alpha, and he simply said, I don't think it's important...that is not going to guarantee that I am successful in my life". Can you believe that?? I tell you this guy is sharp!! He is exceptionally gifted in math and science but he told us he DOES NOT want to be "different". He states " my life is great right now..and I don't want to change it". This is also the same kid who has very deep, spiritual conversations with me and I do feel there is an old spirit living within that 11 year old boy's body.
Now, for Aaron's conference tomorrow morning. This little guy is a character LOL But he is a sweetheart too. :)

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