Saturday, October 18, 2008

Out of it

Well for the past two weeks I have been pretty out of it. Last week on Thursday I went to the Emergency Room because I couldn't feel one side of my face, was slurring my speech and I felt weak all over. After being treated for over 5 hours, they told me they needed to admit me so that their Neuro could see me. I refused and they let me go home. I wanted to be seen by my Neuro in Plano who has known me for many years. I saw him on Monday and he said I had suffered a small stroke.YIKES!! He put me on some calcium channel blockers that will help with the blood flow to my brain. I was off work all week and I could hardly talk and walk without leaning on Sergio. Thank goodness for my wonderful husband who waited on me hand and foot! He brought me my meals to our bed, he took great care of the kids, what can I say...I am such a lucky girl to have married this wonderful and caring man.
I couldn't have done it without his strength and faith.
On Thursday I had several MRI's so that the doctor could rule out MS. Well thank goodness they came out normal. Whatever that means. According to my doctor, the brain is a very mysterious thing and nobody knows why things happen sometimes.
I just pray the medicine will help.
It sucks to be bedridden.
The good thing about being bedridden is that I kept myself busy clipping coupons and scoring some great deals!!
You guys must check out my Savings blog.
I am glad to be back!

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  1. How scary! I am glad that things came out normal for you. I hope you never experience any such thing again!


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