Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy Birthday JOSH!!!!!

So to add to the excitement to the otherwise hectic is Josh's birthday today. Another one of my babies growing up. He is now 11. Holy Cow where did the time go??? He decided he wanted a sleep over with two of his bestest friends. So after much video game playing (all of them are Star Wars fans!) Sergio made some grilled hot dogs and a cake! What a cool dad :) So after eating the yummy hot dogs, we sang the birthday song and Josh opened presents. He got just what he wanted plus a good time with two of his buddies. What a wonderful day! I am so blessed to have these wonderful people to raise and to be able to call them MINE! I am a blessed person to have them call me MOM :)
Here is a video of Josh

These guys couldn't decide whether to go upstairs and watch a movie or play Josh's new video game. Another Star Wars game of course.

I think they are watching the movie right now. Aaron is in hog heaven too! He just loves hanging out with his big brother.

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