Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I created a new blog!

YES I have just started another blog on Savings and Free stuff! I love a bargain and love to get stuff for free. I am a bargainer by nature and as we Mexicans love to say "regatear". I manage millions of dollars for a living, so I am always looking to either save a buck or make a buck LOL Those of you that know me well, .....know this is true. I am also an entrepreneur by heart having started my own sales corporation at the age of 9 where I developed an idea, "hired" local neighborhood kids to do the sales, then I paid them commission! I know I was a weird kid. But hey, I managed to buy my mom that mother's day present ;)
So enjoy the new blog and feel free to comment on it and share. I posted a link right on the sidebar! Here's the link http://savingsfortoday.blogspot.com
Enjoy :D

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