Friday, November 11, 2011

Thankful Thursdays {Can't Make It Without His Support}

The title of this post refers to two "Hims" - if that makes any sense.
First Him, is of course my Father in Heaven who knows me beyond compare.
This leads to the second him-my husband.
And let us not forget how God knows me so well He sent me this fine man to take good care of me.
I can't make it without his support.
I am thankful that the Lord loves me so much that He created this wonderful person to hold my hand (literally) through eternity.
My husband is a special man.
He doesn't make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.
He doesn't run a multi-million dollar corporation.
Fans don't adore him or shout his name.
He isn't on a cover of a magazine.
He has a reading disability.
He drives an old little truck.
He prefers to work with his hands.
He likes to work "behind the scenes helping others"
He is a good listener.
And a great father.
He often puts himself down.
He calls himself a lucky guy to have married such a smart person ;)
He says "I lucked out that you married a stupid guy".
I don't agree with that sentiment.
For it is I who lucked out with him.
This man cooks for me.
When the water heater breaks he heats the water for me and has the tub full just right so I can take a hot bath. He takes my towels right out of the drier so I can have them warm and wrapped around me.
This is a man who bathed and dressed me when I couldn't right out of the hospital, who would make me special made-to-order yummy breakfasts so I would feel special.
This is the man who in the middle of the night gets up out of bed just because I am craving chocolate cake and drives out to the Wal-mart (or wherever) to get it for me because he doesn't "want me to go without" (any time not just when I was expecting).
Yes, it is indeed I who "lucked out".
This man has supported me in more than monetary ways.
Every time I come up with a career idea he is my biggest cheerleader-my biggest fan.
He is right there besides me passing out flyers, standing for hours at crafts fairs, watching the kids and doing dishes while I blog ;)
This is the man who went with me to a new church "just to check it out" (and this one was a HARD one for him, who NEVER went to church!) and sits and prays with our family and prays with me at night.
Yes, indeed I am lucky.
No matter what hard luck, trial, good fortune or bad news befalls us, this man has been there for me.
I could not have made it this far without his support.
I could not have made it this far without HIS support.
Thank you Lord for knowing me.
My strengths.
My weaknesses (of which I have MANY).
And sending just the right soul to guide me through
this life --- and the next.
Thank you for supporting and uplifting me with this man
whom I call-HUSBAND.
My heart is full.
And it is filled with gratitude.

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