Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Lego Advent Calendar

Can you believe it's almost December? My, where does the time go? Well if you like keeping track of time, or counting down the days until a certain someone comes with a sack filled with presents, then you’ll love making this little Lego advent calendar :)

My little guy and I had fun putting this together in a matter of about one hour.

Here’s what you’ll need:

One metal cookie sheet

Super glue or E6000 adhesive

Roll of magnets

Various colors/sizes of Legos

Scrapbook embellishments

Scrapbook numbers and days of week

Or Black Sharpie


Drill to drill holes into the cookie sheet


First gather up all the Legos you will use. I simply went through my little guy’s humongous tote of Legos and picked out the reds and whites to use as the background for the numbers. I used some of the skinny tan Legos to separate the weeks as you can see from the pictures. Lay them out on the table to make sure you like the color scheme. I then started piecing them together with a little help from my assistant.

At the top of the calendar, I simply wrote in the days of the week with a Sharpie since I could not find stickers to use. Then I started peeling and sticking the number stickers for each day of the week. What I like about these stickers is that they can be removed and reapplied so we can do this again next year :)

To me the trickiest part was finding enough reds and whites to make the calendar work. I left the top of the calendar bare so that you can see the Lego bricks exposed.

I put in an embellishment right next to the 25th of December and just added some more tan bricks to that week. I took the whole thing and carefully turned it around on its back. I unrolled the magnet roll and cut out some strips of magnets and peeled off the backing, put a dab of the E6000 adhesive on and stuck it to the bricks across several rows to make sure it will stick to the cookie sheet. I put a heavy dictionary on this for about 20 minutes to set.

In the meantime I drilled two holes at the top of my cookie sheet to string the ribbon for hanging.

I cut some ribbon and used the same adhesive to glue it down on each side of my Lego calendar.

I also added more of the scrapbooking “puffy” embellishments for color to the cookie sheet.

I like the ease of the embellishments because they come ready to stick with a peel and stick back.

I am using one of the round embellishments as the count down button so my little guy can move it from day to day.

After the magnets have set carefully place it on your cookie sheet and Voila! Cute Lego Advent calendar for about $10!

We had so much fun making this and we are hanging it on our kitchen to countdown for Christmas.

Have a great week and come back as I show you how to make a really cute wreath I am working on this week :)
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