Sunday, November 20, 2011

Relaxing Time For Us {Lake Conroe}

This past week was hectic and relaxing all at the same time.
At work I had to hurry up and finish all my month end stuff to get ready to attend a conference at Lake Conroe. After all that was done the hubster and I headed down to the conference together. It was nice to be away alone. It was so pretty. We stayed at a really nice resort in a pretty snazzy room . 

{view from our balcony}

We arrived Wednesday evening and after checking in and registering me for the conference we went out to dinner. We found a little Mexican place off the beaten path and enjoyed a nice meal. We always like to venture a little out of the main streets to see what we can find. On the way there we saw this place called Fajita Jack's all lit up with colorful lights and lots of flash. We decided that we wanted a nice quiet dinner...and more authentic if you will.
Hence, this little Mexican place. It was quiet and the food was very good. It was called El Bosque, I think.
The next day while I attended my seminars, the husband had some R&R time and he strolled around the lake taking pictures and making friends with the locals.  I love that he is the total opposite of me-he talks to everybody!!
I tend to keep more to myself, which is why I love having him with me :) At lunch we went to the historic downtown area to look around and ended up eating some yummy chicken fried chicken with all the fixins.

Oh, funny story time. The previous night as I was telling my oldest son to make sure the little guy wrote out his Christmas list, I casually mentioned that all I wanted for Christmas was a pair of roller skates. We both had a nice laugh about that.
Ok, now back to the antiques shop. The hubby and I are looking around this cool shop. The owner is telling us how that shop used to be the post office back in the late 1800's and how I should take a picture of the front counter, etc. 

He also still  has the original "air conditioning" unit hanging from the ceiling! How cool is that?! (no pun intended hee)

So I have in my mind that I want to find a neat vintage suitcase but I can't see anything I like in this shop.
When lo and behold my husband points to something over there->  A pair of roller skates!!!!!! They are awesome! Except I am not too excited because what are the chances they'll fit me right? He examines them for the price figuring we can sell them when he shows me the inside of them. Size 8!!!! My size !!!!GAhhhhhhhhhh I can't believe my luck.
Then I look down as I take them to the register and I spot a super-dee-duper vintage suitcase!! Ahhhhh The LORD is good :)
The shop owner says he'll give me a good deal on both. I agree to his price and I walk out with both. I can't wait to get them home and try them on and skate around my house :)
It was such a relaxing time just the two of us but by night #2 I was already missing the kids. (isn't that always the case?)

 {boats by the lake}

On the way back home we cranked the radio up loud and sang songs and smiled like we were kids. I felt 16 again riding in the car with my sweetheart. 
One of the best feelings in the world is being with him.
Just the two of us.
How was your weekend?

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