Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cleaning Out My Closet

At the begining of the year I
blogged about certain little projects that I needed
to complete and therefore was holding myself accountable.
Remember those?
If not, you can revisit them here>>>Projects to be done
I was supposed to have them all complete by the summer, but with me being hospitalized and all....
well I'm thinking I've got a preeety good excuse.
So without further ado
I present to you my brand, spankin' new

{ Corner Dressing Area}
Complete with Outfit Planning Station 
Boots off the floor!

The key, ladies and germs, is to throw, keep or give away anything that you haven't held in your hands in over a year.
Now, it's easier said than done, because once I started going thru all those mementos well....let's just say I didn't wanna let go (sniff sniff)
but I made three piles,
 *{throw} -for all the crap nobody in their right mind would want
*{keep} stuff I had to have with me until they pry it out of my cold, dead, hands
*{give} stuff that didn't fit, too good to throw and others could use (old purses, my husband's clothes (shhhh don't tell him, his side of the closet shrunk a good 3/4!!)
I turned to good ole where people practically fought each other (via the web) for my old crap and then they came to pick it up (hee hee).
I gave away a bag of purses
an old vcr
hubster's old shirts
my old shoes
etc, etc.
and look what I wound up with!

I can see the floor!
I can FIND things to wear :)
I carved out (well not literally) a corner
where it practically feels like a boutique
with a dressing area. I simply moved my gorgeous antique turqouise trunk (where all my children's mementos are kept), put a candlestick to hold up my hat, then I repurposed an old metal shelf where I can now store my purse for the day, scarves,etc.

And on the top shelf I put my mirror with my very own jewelry holder so I can plan out my outfits before hand right down to my accessories.
This way I'm not running around in the morning like a chicken without the head wondering where my favorite earrings are.
I even put all my belts together in one place.
And, look, how nice of me, I even put all the hubby's ties together with his belts. Now all his stuff is nice and organized too :)
My plan is to now buy some cute, all one color, storage totes so that everything is monochromatic on top as well.
The large totes, hold all our linens in the back and
my luggage holds some crafting items that are not in season.
This project took me about 8-10 hours to complete and I used things I already had on hand. I had three huge hefty trash bags where I separated my piles into.
I did NOT let my husband or kids into the room where I was doing this because sooner or later they would want the things I was tossing/giving away!
And that is NOT the point of cleaning out the closet people! sheesh!
Believe me it has happened before. So I started this project late at night on Friday around 10 p.m. and by 2 a.m. I was ready to cry when my closet looked like a tornado had hit it and I had to jump over things and stuff was all over my bedroom floor into the bathroom and out the hallway!
But I am glad I did it. Now I feel about 20 lbs lighter just by walking into my closet :)
Now, don't you want to feel that way too? Come on, you know you do.
Here's a couple of before pics before I started taking crap out of hangers and putting them in piles:

and the after:

Glass hurricane-dollar tree
I hang my earrings from this and put some of my heavier "chunkier" necklaces in it"
Elephant figurine-dollar store
I hang my fashion rings and bracelets on him :)
The picture frame jewelry organizer is one of the most viewed posts here on my blog and you can find the link on the right side bar >>
so you can see how I made it.

Much better :)
Now onto finishing up my big guy's room- can't wait to show you my knock off mirror from CB2 :)

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  1. Great Job on your closet!! That is such a huge undertaking. It looks fantastic. I love your dressing corner and to read about your place for the purse you'll use that day made me smile.

    O.k. I'm so excited about the Old Red Lumberyard! I've never heard of it before. I'm definitely going to see if I can go next time after Thanksgiving.

    O.k. and I'm double excited to be your new VT! Maybe some of your creativity will rub off on me. ;)

  2. Wow! You really made some changes! It looks great. This is the right time of year for your post--at least up north we're all switching our clothes around (that was my project today). Love a neat closet! Thanks. Stopped by from Susan's.

  3. Gorgeous post!Your closet turned out great and beautiful colours. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  4. I love the after pictures. Also I loved the skirt with the flower.
    New follower from the sits girls forum.

  5. Hi, Nicole here from Romanian Princess. I love your blog, I'm your newest follower! Please come stop by my blog and if you like it, PLEASE follow! Thanks!

    XoXo Nicole Mariana

  6. Wow you did a really good job..Hope your ok! By the way I gave you an award. Check it out here: LOVIN LIFE BARBIE

  7. Lookin' good! My favorite is the outfit planning station- that is such a good idea! Getting the boots off the floor like that was a good idea too, I just might have to steal it. ;)

    Thanks for sharing the photos with us!


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