Thursday, October 13, 2011

Free Halloween Templates and Printables

Top of the morn to y'all mates!
How's that for diversity, huh?
I've been super busy at work and haven't had a chance to blog. Aggghh! It kills me that I haven't had the opportunity to share all the wonderful treasures I spotted on that junk adventure I took last Saturday. Can't wait to show you.
Also my closet re-do. Loooooong overdue. But alas, It'll have to wait until tomorrow.
But today I wanted to share real quick something I got in my inbox from Avery.They sent me a link to their website with some super cool Halloween printable ideas all free!
So I thought I'd post the link here for you guys to use!
You don't even have to print it on their labels, although it would be much easier to peel and stick.
Halloween Projects for All Your Hair-raising Hijinks
I got on their email list just by signing up on their website.
They send me all kinds of ideas periodically.
And, no, I am not getting compensated for this post.
I just wanted to share :)
I think it's cool you can design your labels right on their site and save them there too.
They guide you step by step and tell you which type of label, etc.
Give it a try and sign up to receive their newsletter.
I love free stuff!
Have fun making your own free Halloween bottle wraps, treat stickers and invitations :)
Here's the link to all the goods

please let me know if that link does not work!
I looked at the website at
and it looks like it's found at
in case the link gets taken down ;)

Personalized Potion Labels

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