Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Family Affair And A Love For All Things Vintage

I have always, always loved decorating, crafting, photography and  collecting.
Especially collecting.
I remember as a little girl taking things out of the trash
and setting them up in the corner of our tiny two room house in Laredo, Texas.
It was quite a humble home with a tin roof and a concrete floor. We had a hand me down bunk bed, my brother and I. And no room of our own.
I always wanted a space to myself.
So one day, my grandpa gave me a cute little, white, metal, mesh table.
I took it home and set it up as a night stand. I scrounged around our tiny house and found a piece of lace in my mother's sewing basket.
I remember this like it was yesterday.
I laid it carefully across the table.
I then remembered an old yellow lamp we had in the other room. I brought over, plugged it up and placed a couple of
books next to it.
I then went outside and picked a few flowers from our front garden.
I walked to our kitchen pulled out a small glass from our cupboard and filled it half full of water.
I placed my new flower arrangement on my new bed side table.
I wish I could show you what I see in my mind.
It was beautiful!
My very first junk to treasure :)
And so my love of making something pretty out of nothing was born.
I've always loved to share what I have in my home with others. Over the years I have been collecting vintage and antiques and many times people oooh and ahhh at my furniture pieces and collections.
I thought it was about time that I shared those with the world.
And so with that
Junk Monkey Vintage Rentals was born!
We are in the process of designing the website, taking pictures of our inventory and publishing it to the web.
We are so very excited!
                                        {Vintage Bike available for rent }
{picnic basket and lots of glass bottles too}

{Vintage Chair}

In the meantime, if you know anyone in the Dallas area who would like to rent vintage treasures for an upcoming event, photoshoot or TV/movie set, send them my way.
We will work with any budget.
I'd love to share my treasures with them too.

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