Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve Fun, Friends and Food 2010

Our tradition is to make some good ole fashioned Mexican food such as pozole, tamales (that we ordered from a local lady) and lots of good dessert!
We invite friends (old and new ;)) and family and have a great time. At midnight we open presents. The next day we usually just open up our stocking presents. We give the kids one stocking present from Santa to open on Christmas day.
Soooo, at exactly 6:30 our first guests arrived! The Randalls! They are so much fun and they have the cutest kids! And I tell you that 2 year old Kenzie is the most adorable toddler I have seen in a loooong time. I bet she could dictate to me whatever she wanted and I.WOULD.GIVE.IN. I am not kidding, she's THAT cute! Anyway, after  a prayer we got to eatin' then we had some more friends and our church missionaries show up. I have such a good time when we have people over who provide good conversation. It's like I never want the night to end! Do you feel that way too? Especially when you are just getting to know these new friends. Anyway, Mr. Randall had sooo many amazing and funny stories about his dad...that I HAVE to meet him! So, we told them they need to bring him by when he's in town.
After dinner and good conversations, our guests left :( and we waited for the midnight hour.
At exaclty 11:45 p.m. we started to separate the gifts out by person. So that at midnight we let the tearing apart of gifts begin!!
I love the excitement of the kids and getting their gifts. Except tonight, they were all kinda tired from all the festivities! But we made it through and after they opened all the presents they didn't want to go to bed! Huh?! It figures!
I didn't want to go to bed either. We are so blessed to be able to have a warm bed to sleep in and the ability to provide these gifts to our children. I can't tell you how thankful I am to my Heavenly Father that my children get to have a better life than either my husband or I had as children. It truly is a testament that children sometimes suffer and conquer adversities to triumph in the end-with a HAPPY FAMILY LIFE. And isn't that the best gift of all?
So good food, fun and friends. Christmas Eve was a smash.

                              My grandma being oblivious to me and my camera!

My boy and his video games

                              Sergio got two jackets! Ellison got a cool new phone , a snazzy new camera courtesy of her boyfriend, and other fun stuff :)

                                    Aaron immediately started his "labwork"
                                    I couldn't wait to see what Santa brought me :)
                                       I've always wanted one of these!! He got me the PRO!
I'll be baking up a storm and I'll even try my hand at making tamales now that I've got this baby to help me with the masa!!
A great Christmas indeed!

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