Friday, August 27, 2010

Totally Fashionable

I don't know if it's just my turning 40 (did I just type that?)  or the impending Autumn weather (come ON HURRY UP!!) or my losing 20 lbs since last year and keeping it off {YESS!} But I am totally buying some cute clothes and shoes to wear for the coming cool season.
Here are some of my faves:
I love this outfit, the tweed pencil skirt with corsage belt, the scalloped leather jacket with the beaded tank! Notice how you can take these pieces and combine them with other items to make your wardrobe go farther! I bought all these pieces except the jacket is in a blush color! Like this:

A closer look at the tank!

Here it is paired with some jeans. Sorry about the resolution of this pic.
And I loved these shoes so much I bought a pair in each color! Can't wait to wear them!
     This top is feminine and can go from the office to after hour cocktails paired with a nice skirt!
This jacket is next on my to buy list :)

Here is the top I fell in love with. I have this outfit and I love it! I wear the top with a little red belt as well. It fits great and has a very flattering fit.I want this top in lots of colors!

And look at this gorgeous Chiffon dress! Perfect for a holiday party,wedding or night on the town! You can see more detail here.

So if you are a mom, young or {ahem} older, you can still look awesome and fashionable without breaking the bank. I usually save up my money and go to the catalog and look at the outfits. I like how Newport News puts together different looks from a few pieces. That makes it easier for me to shop for a new look and I'll know I will look "put together" :)
I can't wait to get these next!

Imagine these with some jeans or a long flowing skirt! Swoon!!
*All images courtesy of
Visit their website for more fashion ideas and to see an online catalog.

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